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Welcome to the NC Odyssey of the Mind Eastern Region Wiki!


Welcome to the North Carolina Eastern Region (NCOME) Odyssey of the Mind Wiki. This Wiki serves as a tool for coaches and competitors to find useful information related to the OotM competition process. The Wiki contains information from sources like the program guide, facilitator notes from Eastern Region coaches training, and information from the Coaches Guide created by Lisa Love (VA Odyssey of the Mind). While sponsored and hosted by NCOME, always use the Program Guide (now updated to the 2023-2024 version), the problem, and clarifications as the authoritative source on any question.

How should I use the Wiki?

The Wiki is designed as an easy way to answer questions through individual searchable articles, not as one large document. Hyperlinks exist referencing other relevant articles as you read and search - take advantage of related subjects. Search for articles and content in the upper right box.

If you’re a new coach, a great place to start are the team formation, new coaches, long term, spontaneous, and style guides or examples of other teams' performances.

Coach quiz

We commonly hear from new coaches that “I don't know what I don't know”. We've created a “coach knowledge survey” (basically a short quiz) for you to test your Odyssey of the Mind knowledge to help you understand what areas of OotM you might need to brush up. After submission, each question has an explanation and a link to a Wiki article for more information. Click this link to take the quiz.

Basic sitemap

How can I help?

Wikis are written collaboratively. However, for right now, content generation and editing is restricted to the NCOME board and managed by Michael Bojanski. If you have questions, see a necessary edit, or want to help, contact Michael at

Providing feedback

We value your feedback! If you can, take the amount of time of ordering at Chipotle to fill out a quick survey about your experience using the Wiki. Your responses help us improve the site for everyone!

Highlighted article

Clarifications: do you know what a clarification is? How do you submit one?

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