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Preparing for the tournament

As the tournament day approaches, there are several steps that must be taken by the coach and team members in preparation.

Logistics planning

The coach usually coordinates the logistics of the tournament for the team members and families. The coach’s main responsibilities are:

  • Reserve hotel rooms if necessary. Many regional and state tournaments are several hours drive away, and most teams either have spontaneous or long term before 10AM, making an early morning drive and setup difficult. Hotels should be reserved at least 1-2 months in advance.
  • Ensure the appropriate amount of judges and volunteers have signed up and sponsored a team. Tournaments cannot run without judging and volunteer staffs! Watch out for specific information from regional or state coordinators
  • Test transporting and assembling props - make sure items can fit into vans and through standard doorways.
  • Arrange transportation to the tournament for props and team members (how many drivers and cars are needed?). In addition, coaches need to tell families where to park and where to watch the team’s performance. Prepare for bad weather by bringing a tarp.
  • Create a list of parent and child cell phone numbers and distribute to the team's families.
  • Schedule the day for the team. The coach must make sure the team is on time to their spontaneous and long term competitions, eats, and arrives to the award ceremony in addition to potentially having down time or watching other teams’ performances. Some schedules may require delivering props and set to the performance area, leaving a parent to watch over these items, running over to spontaneous, and then quickly returning for the long term performance.
  • Make sure at least one parent is recording the performance.
  • Create a master list of props and costumes and who is responsible for each item (division II teams and above should be able to create this list on their own).
  • Make sure each team member will wear appropriate shoes during the performance (no bare feet are allowed).
  • Coordinate the creation of team shirts (either design or delegate to the team or an interested parent). Team shirts are a great way to show team pride and to easily group the team on competition day.
  • If possible, visit or find pictures the competition site to give the team of an idea of their venue. Room numbers are sometimes posted on regional or state websites, but the actual room setup does not occur until the night before the tournament.
  • Plan a party or reward soon after the tournament to reward the team's hard work throughout the year. Use this time to remind how far the team has come and that the competition process produces memories and friends for a lifetime.

Competition preparation

The team must be ready for spontaneous and long term. Before the tournament, the team should:

  • Finalize all forms, especially spending time on the style form.
  • Read all clarifications on the general website.
  • Print all team-submitted clarifications.
  • Finish construction on the membership sign and ensure visibility from 25 feet away
  • Practice the long term performance several times all the way through with the goal to finish under 8 minutes consistently.
  • Practice worse case performance scenarios. What does the team want to do if: props fall down, lines are forgotten, vehicle doesn't work, etc.
  • Create a repair kit to fix anything that breaks during the performance.
  • Pick spontaneous captain(s) for each type of spontaneous problem (verbal, hands-on, hands-on verbal).
  • Pick a timekeepers (with personal timers like an electronic watch or stopwatch) and problem readers for each type of spontaneous problem.
  • Ensure parents and team members understand the rules of outside assistance leading up to and at the tournament.
  • Set healthy expectations and emphasize the process as well as the outcome of competing.

If all these aspects are in order, the team and coach are ready for tournament day!

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