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Membership sign

Each team must have a membership sign displayed and visible from at least 25 feet throughout its performance. Teams may have multiple signs. If the team fails to provide a sign it may create one while in the Staging Area. A penalty may be assigned if the team sign is not visible for an extended period of time (-1 to -15 points). The sign must be created by the team.

The team sign must have the membership name and number. The name may be spelled out or abbreviated, as long as the abbreviations are recognizable by the judges. For example, George Washington High School may read George Washington HS or Geo. Washington HS, but GWHS is insufficient. If a membership card contains any other information, such as Team A, Team B, and so on, that must appear on the sign as well, either spelled out or abbreviated, e.g., Tm A. This required information on your membership sign must appear in the language of your tournament host at all times. It may also contain other information, if the team wishes.

The sign must fit through a 28” x 78” doorway (standard size at tournament sites). Teams should not limit their thinking on their sign — a sign is not necessarily what might first come to mind! Coaches should not give outside assistance by suggesting any alternatives to the team, but should use creative questioning technique to allow them to come up with ideas: how can the team show the membership name and number throughout the performance?

A creative membership sign is one possible style element.

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